Volleyball Betting

If you are into betting online, you might be interested in trying betting on new sports. Even though  football and tennis are by far the most popular ones to bet on, there are plenty of odds on other sports available. Volleyball is among top 20 betting sports. Learn more about the rules of volleyball betting in this article from Betsico team. We hope it will help you to earn money on your bets on volleyball!

Volleyball Betting Rules

Let’s start with what happens to your volleyball betting coupon, in case something goes wrong with the game itself. In the event of a volleyball match starting, but not being completed, all your bets are void, except for those markets which have been determined by the moment of the match interruption. In the event of the set not being completed, outcomes that have already been determined by the moment of the match interruption will be accepted for calculation. Other bets will be void. If the specified set is completed and the match is not completed, all bets on this set are valid.

Bets on CEV and Challenge Cup include normally the “golden” set, if one is offered (“golden set” (up to 15 points) is issued if the rivals have equal points at a ceratin stage of the European Cups).

Handicap and total on volleyball are specified in points, except for “handicap by sets” and “total by sets”.

Volleyball Bets

The Bet on Sets Score

The corresponding columns are designated in the Sports line as 3:0, 3:1, etc. In “Head-to-head on the results of the championship” volleyball bets if teams finish their competition within a group and do not play at further stage, the priority is given to their place (in the group) and afterwards to points they got.

The Duration of the Volleyball Match Bet

Here you get the chance to predict whether the volleyball match lasts over or under the specified minutes. To determine it you should sum the duration of all sets of a match in minutes. Sets duration is taken from an official protocol.

Three Points Race Bets

So called Three Points Race Bets on Volleyball can actually also be five points and etc. bets. Here it is necessary for the player to predict, which of the players is the first to score the specified number of points in a set.

In case one of the players for any reason refuses to play further before he or his rival scores the specified number of points, the bet will be void.

Leader After Scored Points Bet

You have to guess here the team standings after specific number of points.

Example. The bet “After 10 points W1”.

Let’s consider several options available, when betting on volleyball online:

  • match score (6:4), played 10 points, 1st team is leading – bet wins.
  • match score (3:7), played 10 points, 2nd team is leading – bet is lost.
  • match score (5:5), played 10 points, draw – bet is lost.

Extra Points Bet

You have to determine whether there will be extra points in set. “Extra points in set – Yes” bet will be settled as a win in case one of the teams wins after 24:24.

Tie-Break Bet

Predict whether 5th set (tiebreak) will be issued in the volleyball game. The “Tie-break – yes” will be settled as a win, if the 5th set was issued in the game.

Total of the Highest Scoring Set Bet (without 5th set)


The “Total of the highest scoring set 47.5 U” will be lost if the score is 25:23,26:24,23:25,23:25,18:16.

Total of the Lowest Scoring Set Bet (including 5th set).

Example: the “Total of the lowest scoring set 40.5 U” will be a win if the score is 25:23,26:24,23:25,23:25,18:16.