Types of Bets

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Single bet

Single bet is the most popular type of bets – both online and in betting shops. You predict the outcome of the single event – match, tournament or any other betting market. Simply, guess an outcome, select the size of your stake and, then, place the bet. If your prediction is correct, you win. The winnings from your single bets are calculated as: odds times stake of your bet.

Multiple bet

Multiple bet – another simple type of bet. You bet on outcomes of several betting markets – events that are not dependable on each other. In Multiple bets you should not include an event and its outcome more than once. The total odds are calculated by multiplying the odds of all the individual picks. Multiple bet is counted as a won bet if all the events in the Multiple are predicted correctly. If at least one event is predicted wrong, the multi bet is considered to be lost. Read more about Multiple Bets.

What is a System bet?

System bet – complete combination of Multiple bets of one size chosen from the fixed set of outcomes by the client. It is characterized with the same size of stakes for each Multiple /alternative of system/ and with the same quantity of outcomes in each Multiple.

When it comes to the System bets, total quantity of outcomes and the size of the Multiple /of the alternative of system/ is crucial. The winning of system bet is equal to the sum of winnings of Multiples included in it. The maximal number of alternatives in the system bet is equal to 1000.

You have chosen three outcomes of different events: outcome of event A (odds = 2.00), outcome of event B (odds = 3.50), outcome of event C (odds = 2.40).

You make a bet System 2 from 3 with €300 stake. Your system bet will be following:

If you won all three Multiples, than your winning is calculated following way:

€100 * 7.00 + €100 * 4.80 + €100 * 8.40  =  €2020.