Baseball Betting

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Baseball betting is still not that popular in Europe and the UK. We tend to bet on baseball games mostly when there are no other betting markets available. This happens when we are looking for available odds in the night, when playing live. As live betting is becoming increasingly popular among UK online betting players, the total number of bets made on baseball is increasing. Online bookmakers understand that and are putting a lot of effort into providing UK customers with a greater variety of odds on baseball.

Baseball Betting Rules

Bets on baseball matches are accepted with extra innings included, unless otherwise specified. All baseball bets are offered provided that both of the listed pitchers take part in the match. Both said pitchers must start and throw at least one pitch for bets to stand.

If the listed pitcher fails to start the game for any reason, all bets on that game will be void. If no names of the starting pitchers are listed, all bets are accepted irrespective of the starting pitchers.

The second batting team is considered to be the home team in a match regardless of the venue. All bets (except those bets on the parts of the match) are based on the official match result, including all additional innings.

A match must be played for at least 5 full innings or 4,5 innings. If 4,5 or less innings were played the following bets will be calculated: to win; to qualify; markets which have been determined by the time of the match interruption. All other bets on this match will be void.

If the game is tied, (NPB, pre-season MLB, KBO) bets on W1 and W2 will normally be void (you will get a refund from your online betting site).

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The Player Comparison Baseball Bet

If you like betting on baseball, the chances are rather high that you will find a so called player comparison bet in the list of available betting options. When betting on this market, you will need to predict a player in the specified pairs whose result will be better. If results are equal the bet will be void.

In pre-season matches of MLB if teams are tied at the end of 9th inning an extra 10th inning is played. If after the 10th inning the match ends in a tie bets W1 and W2 will be void.

If within the match day at least one match is cancelled, postponed, not played to its end and is considered to be failed (less than 5 complete innings was played), bets on “Home Team – Away Team” will be void.

Softball betting

Softball is a variant of baseball played with a larger ball on a smaller field. The game is played in usually 7 innings. If the game is tied, extra innings are played. Some online betting site offer softball betting, but this happens extremely rarely, as this sport is not that popular.