Bet on Sports Online

Getting started with Betting Online

Have you always wanted to know the tips and tricks of how to bet on sports online or special events? Perhaps you simply want to expand your existing repertoire of betting knowledge to make yourself a more effective bettor?

Allow Betsico to guide you through the basics of sports betting, the markets, the odds and the types of bets available so that you can place a bet on your favourite sport, league, event or team.

Finding a sport event to bet on

Bet on X-Factor Online

Your betting journey online starts by finding a sport event to bet on. Firstly you need to find something that you would like to bet on. It could be anything from an outright winning team of a major football league, a specific tennis match at this year’s ATP Finals or even the next winner of the X-Factor, Presidential Elections in U.S. or Eurovision song contest. Yes, that is correct. You can bet on so much more than just sports, even though you normally bet on slots online.

Bet Menu and Filter

Bet on Ice Hockey Sports Online

The bet menu on betting sites on Internet is designed in order to help you locate events by order of sport, for example Football, Ice Hockey, Darts, Snooker, Horse Racing, Tennis, Volleyball or Basketball. If you still cannott find the particular event you are looking for, then you shoud try the sports locator search function. Just enter a team, name of a particular player or country. Most of the betting sites online offer you this option.

Some bookmakers have even included a quick filter if you’re looking for live odds on matches that are being played as you bet. Once you enter the live betting section, you can also get a full overview of the sports betting events that are starting soon. These are useful if you would like to place your bet and have it resolved, i.e. paid out sooner.

Good Luck when you bet on sports online!