Golf Betting


Bet on Golf Games on internet When betting on golf, we tend to focus on tournament winner. Many of us who like gambling are not even aware that there are plenty of golf betting markets available.

Even though, golf is not that famous among gamblers, the competition among betting sites online has led to a substantial increase of a number of odds on golf offered by leading UK bookmakers online. No matter how interested in the game of golf itself you are, it can be fun betting on this beautiful game. Now you can find all the information you need about golf betting at Betsico.

Golf Betting Rules

Big golf tournaments can last for 3 or 4 days and total number of holes is 72. A player is deemed to an active participant once he has teed off. If a player refuses to play after having teed off, bets will be lost. Below you will find the most popular golf betting options, as well as the main rules when you place your bets on golf.

The winner of the golf tournament

The winner is the golfer that takes the first place in a tournament. If two leading participants (or several) show equal results by the end of regular time, the winner of a tournament is usually determined by so called sudden death elimination. In this case the winner of tournament’s play-off is considered to be the winner of a tournament and totalizator all other participants take the second place.

Bet on golf tournament odds online

18 Holes Golf Bets

If in two player events golf odds for a draw were not offered and both of the players show equal results such bets will be void. Dead heat is applied to all bets on three (or more) player events. If a player does not take part in a competition all such bets will be void.

Head-to-Head Golf Bets

It is necessary to name a golfer that shows a better result in the specified pairs. The best golfer shall be the one, who goes the complete circle (18 holes) with the fewest points.

If a participant, who started a game, drops out of it before going all 18 holes, he suffers a defeat regardless of his score. A tee shot in a hole direction indicates the beginning of a game. If a participant drops out of a competition before its beginning, all bets on all players of the given group will be void.

In tournaments affected by adverse weather, bets will be settled on the final placings provided a minimum of 36 holes have been played, unless the tournament is played on more than one course.