Basketball Betting

Bets on basketball online are extremely popular. This goes for most of the countries, where betting online is allowed. In the UK basketball betting is most likely more popular than playing the game itself. Betsico takes a look into the rules and tips about online betting on this sport.

NBA betting online

Basketball Betting Rules

Normally, basketball bets are accepted on:

  • regular time (48 minutes, 4 quarters, 12 minutes each; or 40 minutes, 4 quarters, 10 minutes each; NCAA 2 halves, 20 minutes each) or;
  • regular time including overtime («OT»).

The main basketball betting rules that most of online gambling sites follow includes following:

  • If a match is not completed all bets will be void except for those bets that have been determined by the moment of match interruption.
  • A basketball match must be played for 35 or more mins for 40 min matches and at least 40 mins for 48-minute matches in order for the basketball bets you have made to stand. In this case all bets will be settled on the results at the moment of a match interruption.
  • In basketball matches (for events marked “OT”) “Handicap” and “Total” bets on 4th quarter and 2nd half are settled without overtime (OT).
  • NBA teams can be put both direct and inverted sequence (Home-Away). In case of reverse position bets will not be void.
  • Calculation of “Head-to-head on the results of the championship” bets is based on the place of a team in a group rather than points if the team does not proceed to the next stage.
  • The regulations of friendly matches (cup\club matches) are to be specified by the customer using official sources. If a friendly match is a draw (or the regulations have been changed) all bets on winning will be void, and all totals and handicaps will be calculated according to the results.
  • In basketball Cup matches, overtime (OT) appointed by the aggregate score from both legs is taken into account only in bets on the next round, another league, competition winner and etc.
  • If a basketball match ends in a draw, the bet “Will There Be Overtime?-Yes” is calculated as win, the bet “Will There Be Overtime?-No” – loss.
  • The bet “Half time – Full time” (“HT- FT”) is designated in the Sports line as “W” – “win” and “X” – “Draw”, provided that an outcome of the first half goes first and an outcome of a match goes second. For example, W1W2 means a victory of the first (W1) team in the first half of a match and a victory of the second (W2) team in a match.

Basketball Bets

NBA odds are popular

Here is the list of some of the most popular basketball bets that you can place online. The selection of basketball odds and betting markets vary across different online bookmakers. If you cannot find the betting option you are looking for at your betting site, we recommend you to try another one. If you don’t have an account there, you might also get a welcome bonus on your first deposit and, therefore, get extra money to bet for, when you bet on basketball.

Total of the Highest (Lowest) Scoring Quarter Bet

Two or more quarters with similar highest (lowest) scoring total are not a reason for bet cancellation. In this case bets are calculated on the basis of total (points scored in OT are not taken into consideration while calculating 4th quarter total).

Highest scoring quarter bet

If it is impossible to state which quarter has a majority of points (two or more quarters ended with the same result), then bets for such quarters are void. Bets for other quarters are lost (points scored in OT are not taken into consideration while calculating 4th quarter total).

Highest Scoring Half Basketball Bet

In case both halves have similar results, basketball bets are void (points scored in OT are not taken into consideration while calculating 2nd half total).

Team Wins both Halves Bet

Points scored in OT are not taken into consideration while calculating 2nd half total).The bet “Team 1 wins both halves – No” will be calculated as a win if team 1 loses at least one half.

Each Team Will Score 72.5 Over – Yes o No Bet

  • The Yes Bet will be calculated as a win, if the totals of each team for the whole match are 73 and over.
  • The No Bet will be calculated as a win if one of teams’ totals is less than the total indicated in the bet slip.

All Quarters Total Over 32.5 – Yes Bet

The bet will be calculated as a win, if every quarter’s total is 33 or over.

First Foul Bet

Predict which basketball team gets the first foul (failure to comply with rules caused by personal foul or unsportsmanlike conduct).

First Rebound Bet

Predict which basketball team performs the first rebound.

When calculating basketball match statistics (the “Rebounds” and “Turnovers” bets) the totals of individual indexes of the team players and not team indexes are taken into consideration.

Race To X Goals Bet

If neither team scores the stated number of points all bets will be void. E.g.: “Race to 20 goals W1” with score 19-19: the bet will be void.

Handicap Quarters Bets

Example for Handicap Quarters -2,5:

The match ended with the score 81:102 (17:22,26:25,18:20,20:35), score quarters accroding to the result 1:3 (0:1, 1:0, 0:1, 0:1). The bet is lost as the score quarters including handicap of the 2nd team will be 1:05.