Handball Betting

Are you into handball betting, then this article is from you. To be honest with you, we at Betsico are not handball fans, but we know some stuff about betting online. So, no matter how much we love the sport itself, if you want to learn more about handball betting, you should continue reading.

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Handball Betting Rules

Let’s introduce the basic handball betting rules that apply for most of online betting operators with a gambling license in the UK. As always, some might have unique own rules, so it is smart to check out terms and conditions before you start with handball betting.

All handball bets are based on the result of the match at the end of regular time for each relevant period. In handball this is normally 60 minutes play. The game consists of two halves of thirty minutes each effective time.

Extra time and 7-metre shootouts  are taken into consideration for following handball bets: To Qualify, To Be Promoted, Winner bets. There might be more handball betting markets, where they affect the end result of your bet.

Live Bets on Handball

If a match is not completed, all bets on this match are void, except for those markets that have been determined by the moment of the match interruption.

Top Goalscorer of the Tournament

When you bet on Top Goalscorer of the handball tournament, your bet is calculated including extra time without 7-meter throws.

Handball Betting Information

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There is some additional information, which is great to be aware of, when betting on handball. Please find it below:

  • According to China championship rules if the score difference is 15 points and the match lasts for more than 30 minutes it is considered to be completed.
  • Bets on yellow cars – it is necessary to predict a number of yellow cards received by players.
  • Bets on total 7 meter penalty shots – it is necessary to determine a number of realized shots (goal).
  • Alternative matches: In these bets the results of teams in stated matches, which are broadcasted in Live, are compared. If one of the matches was postponed (did not take place), if there was a technical failure, then bets on alternative matches will be calculated with the odds equal to “1” (return).
  • All results are calculating according official statistics, which is published on leagues or tournament official federation/organization websites, and also are compared with match recordings, which are made in LIVE. If Organizer statistic, which is based on TV report, does not match league or tournament official website statistic, bets will be calculated according Organizer statistic.
  • If match was interrupted and was not finished in 30 hours, all bets on this match, except those, which result is already known, should be returned.