Unusual Bets

In this article we introduce our favorite bets – unusual bets that make following the games so much more interesting. Usually, when there is a clear favorite in the game, we feel that we simply have to spice up your life with betting on something with huge odds. These unusual bets might inspire you to do the same and win a lot of money.

1. Wil victory

Wil victory – this bet is on that certain team will win match, but first goal will score another team.

2. Productivity of each period

Betting on the productivity of each period of the match. Now, this type of bet might make it super exciting for you to watch the game at times. We recommend you betting on the end of the first half. The period that you get to bet on depends on the type of sports you bet on. It can be everything from quarter and inning to game and set.

3. The way of scoring

The way of scoring. This type of unusual bets usually is relatively popular in football betting and involves following goal alternatives:

  • free kick,
  • header,
  • kick,
  • penalty
  • own goal

Betting on the way of scoring makes following the football game much more exciting. This is our favorite bet on games, when Real Madrid plays Osasuna or if Barcelona would ever play Bournemouth, which most likely will never happen, but you get the point.

4. Will be poker

Will be poker. This bet considered won if one of the players of two teams will score at least four goals – or more –  during the given match. This is important to bring up here that if the player makes 5, 6 or 7 goals, you will still win.

5. How will THE first goal BE SCORED

How will be scored first goal – at this bet you need to predict how will be scored first goal in the match. This is the exactly same type of bet as The Way of Scoring, but on the very first goal of the match or tournament.