Sports Betting Terminology

Here comes the list of the most important terms you need to know when you bet on odds. There is a vast number of guides available for those of you who like real money gambling on sports. This sports betting terminology list covers those words and phrases that are frequently asked by our visitors. All you need to know is to find a term that you want to know more about and continue betting, as soon as you have understood how the things work.

  • Favourite – The selection considered most likely to win.
  • Evens – Odds where the return is double the stake. Decimal odds 2.0.
  • Void – Your bet is cancelled and the stake returned.
  • Profit Boost – A bonus that increases the winnings on a given bet by a specified percentage.
  • Ante Post – Odds offered on events prior to the day of the event its self in return for higher odds. Bets are not returned if your selection is removed from the event.
  • Start Price – The final odds offered at the start of an event.
  • Odds Compiler – The person responsible for setting event odds based on current market events.
  • Live Betting – Bets placed on an event whilst it is in play. Live betting will become available 10 minutes before the start time.
  • Pre-Match Betting – Bets placed prior to the start of an event. Pre-Match bets will be discontinued 10 minutes before the start time.
  • Betting Suspended – All bets are suspended due to a significant occurrence within an event which will directly affect the odds and/or outcome.
  • Handicap – An advantage or disadvantage applied to a selection to boost or reduce the odds/risk.
    A handicap is one of the teams receiving a virtual advantage or dis-advantage to level out the chances of a weaker team winning. For example: A premier league team vs a division 2 team. We might start the premier league team on -1 to give the division 2 team a fighting chance.
  • Cash Out feature – A function offered on specified singles. You can collect winnings prior to the completion of an event at reduced odds. These odds will continually change through the course of the event at the discretion of our odds compiler.
  • Non-runner – A selection which does not start an event.